Friday, March 13, 2009

Gus Speaks

Gus had the day off today, so we got to spend some time hanging out. Then I got the brilliant idea to interview him. I always write about him, but he never gets the opportunity to represent himself. (After hearing this, you may decide that's been a wise move on my part). He was in a very silly mood by the time we got back.

Like he said, we went out for breakfast and then attempted to get a couple of pints of paint to test the colors. Apparently, the store doesn't sell small sizes and expects people to get at least a quart of a color they don't even know if they want. So we came home and did this little interview. I found it interesting that he was more focused on the conversation (as opposed to climbing on me) when we started talking about Pokemon, but not surprising. He's playing now. MM is a little mad that we went out without her, despite the fact that she often gets lunches out while Gus is at school. I'll take her out next week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, I came here from General Hysteria.

    Your guest post was very well written. I'm glad Mia has you to share experiences with, I know she appreciates you a lot.


  2. Thanks, Jannie, for reading and for the lovely compliment! Nice to meet you and I hope you'll continue to read along!

  3. Andrea - I loved the conversation with Gus. He has such a beautiful voice. Your morning. . . cracker barrel, walmart, sounds like ours. . . as you saw on my last post - Jilly loves stores. (I am about to get pushed off this computer so that Jilly can do some additional research into Thomas the Tank Engine). I hope you have a good weekend.)

  4. Thanks, Koe! I rarely get days like this with Gus because he's usually in school, so I enjoy it when we do. He probably would have preferred to skip Walmart, but he is looking forward to helping me paint, so he didn't mind too much. Have a wonderful weekend!


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