Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday: Warm

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I'm late today with my Manic Monday meme because I was out for a lot of the day enjoying the continued warm weather with my kids, but that's not what today's post is about. Yesterday, we did the smartest thing we could do when the temperature bypasses warm and jumps straight to summertime-hot: we went to the children's theater!

Gus has been showing a great deal of interest lately in plays, drama, the theater, and especially comedy. He had passed by a sign about a week ago for a production of Robin Hood and got very excited. So, a hot day is a good day to be in an air-conditioned auditorium, I always say!

This play was a little longer than the last production we went to see, but both kids did reasonably well. The only real 'incident' (if you can even call it that) was at the very end of the play. The cast exited the stage into the audience. As one character proceeded up the aisle, Gus shouted, "Take off that ridiculous costume!" He shouted a comment to another actor - something about wearing laundry detergent on his head. He was trying to be funny, not mean, but we had to have a talk about heckling and how he wouldn't like it if someone did that to him if he was doing a comedy show. Not sure if he really got it.

All in all, a good, cool day.

Happy Monday and hope you're not feeling too warm!


  1. Hello Andrea
    I found your site while looking into Ritalin and Strattera combo which is what his Dr is recommending.
    I have been reading about Gus- he reminds me much of my Gabriel. Gabe is 7 and in first grade.
    Does Gus still take medication?
    I am so sick over this. Gabriel is ADHD and Aspergers. He currently takes Ritalin-which really seemed to helped but sloped off.
    I wuold like to hear about Gus's experiences with medication.

  2. Welcome! Gus lasted on Strattera only for a couple of months and it didn't work for him at all. He became aggressive, grumpy and unresponsive. A teacher recently told me that when she went to evaluate him for her program last year, she felt that he would not do well there because of his lethargic affect. When she saw him this year, she said she was seeing a completely different child. So, I'm not one to recommend it, but I have heard that it's worked for others. Gus has never tried any other medications to this point and we haven't made a decision about trying anything else, but I'll certainly keep posting about it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wonderful post Andrea...Good to keep Gus on the straight and narrow. Have a great weekend.

    Rabbit, rabbit


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