Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thankfulness

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I'm very late posting today because it's been incredibly busy and satisfyingly productive.

Today I am thankful for...

...the nice gentleman in the parking lot of Lowe's hardware store for helping me lift a 75lb. box that I would have hurt myself moving on my own. For that matter, I'm thankful for the Lowe's employee who helped me get it into my cart. Gotta love those random acts of kindness. Gus and I had a fun expedition today - he seems to enjoy hardware stores. We bought shelving for our kitchen, and a bunch of gardening supplies to plant an indoor garden! Right now we've got basil, parsley and some assorted flowers growing. Today we planted tomatoes and arugula. That was after putting together the shelving. I said it was a busy day...

...having two kids who have a real empathy for and love of nature. They love the outdoors and MM in particular enjoys gardening and flowers. I have a strong feeling that knowing how to grow food and thinking in terms of what is good for the planet will be very useful for them in the future.

...having two kids who love to sing and to laugh. I'm also happy that Gus and I share some musical tastes. On our way to the store earlier we had a great time jammin' to Earth, Wind & Fire. Seriously, the two best sounds in the world are kids singing and kids giggling. It's because those are generally sounds of joy. Gus often wakes up laughing - I can hear him from across the hall. MM bursts into song all the time. How could anyone not appreciate that?

Your gratitude below, please! And since today is almost over, have an awesome Friday!


  1. I love that guy in the parking lot...I would do the same least I hope I would.


  2. Form the little bit I know of you, Mike, I know you would! And some other appreciative person would be blogging about you :-) Have a great day!


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