Friday, May 22, 2009

Days Off CAN Be Peaceful!

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The kids had off today for the holiday weekend, and I was a little worried about what we'd do because it was supposed to be very hot today. We started our day with french toast, which they'd earned by getting dressed with a minimum of fuss (Gus didn't even need to be asked today). We went to the nursery to get some deer repellent and fertilizer stuff for our plants. We ended up with a new tomato plant. MM named the new one Aim (short for Aimee I later learned).

After getting home with our new friend, I realized I had no way to hang the hanging vines. So we had lunch and then headed back out to the hardware store for hooks and a chain. I have to say, the kids were very good in both stores. We went over the rules in the car each time and I asked that they keep their hands to themselves. I also pointed out that we would be around living things and we wouldn't want to hurt them by accidentally knocking anything over. Seemed to work.

Gus's tomato (who does not have a name) has gotten too big for the kitchen, so we've relocated it outside (thus the deer repellent, which by the way stinks to high heaven, as my mom used to say).

Gus stayed inside most of the afternoon playing Pokemon, but came out to play with the kids with water guns and the neighbor's hose. By the time he came out, most of the kids had gone, but he still had a good time.

All in all, a better than average day! How was yours? Leave a comment and if you've got a sec, please vote in my sidebar poll! Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah, so now we have Aim and I see Gus' tomato plant. You are's huge and looks great. MM is your younger child? I really like how you explain not hurting them. Glad he had a good time outside and even doing his Pokemon. My day was spent cleaning up my computer because installed Windows 7. Just wanted to get rid of a bunch of crap. Was all good. Have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend to you and the family ;)

  2. We've been taking it easy. We went grocery shopping as a family. That went good. We spent some time outside, hubby and I sitting at the patio table and the kids sitting in the kiddie pool. Now, we are working on getting dinner ready. Hubby is grilling.

  3. Hi Andrea - we had school on Friday because of all the snow days we took this year. . . 5. The kids were kind of sad, until they got home and then Jilly was sad because someone told her there were only 5 weeks left in school. . . which, she said, was not enough. Pool today (it was hot, until it rained). A little bit of soccer and a LOT of TV. Have a good (rest of) your weekend.


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