Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thankfulness and A New Layout

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Hello all! Notice anything new? I've been toying with my layout this morning - what do you think?

Today I am thankful for:
  1. Three Column Blogger for a wonderfully easy tutorial on adding a third column to a Blogger blog. I'm definitely a DIY type of person so I was thrilled that I could do this on my own. I'm hoping to add in some tabbed pages as well for blogrolls, just to keep things tidy. I'm feeling quite accomplished this morning!
  2. I am thankful for being so slow to throw things out. This morning, hidden in the invoice from my last tea order, I found a sample of a tea blossom from Adagio teas. It's whole leaf tea wrapped around a little flower. Aside from being quite good, I can't express the entertainment value of one of those things! It had to steep for 5 minutes; BOTH my kids stood still for at least 3 of those minutes watching it unfold. Completely mesmerizing. I may order some just for those days when everyone is bouncing off the walls! Conversely, I am thankful that we have the bulk dumpster this week because I got rid of some things I've been dying to throw out. It may take me a while, but getting rid of clutter is sure liberating.
  3. I am thankful for the creativity and insight of Gus & MM's aunts and uncles (even if they don't realize just how creative and insightful they are). I almost never give very useful guidance as to what to get the kids for their birthdays or holidays, etc., yet our extended family members always come up with the most awesome things. Some of the big hits lately have been: an anatomy game called Skeletons in the Closet and a 14' jump rope. Why were these great gifts? Well, Aspies tend to be great learners and fond of facts. So educational games or books often go over well. Uncle C, who gave the kids the Skeletons game, has also hit home runs with animal encyclopedias, a globe, and a book about the Way Things Work. The jump rope is just plain fun, but also good for developing coordination and generally getting in some exercise. Jumping also provides sensory input for those kids who need it. So, my sister gets props for that one!
What toys or games are your favorites for kids on the spectrum?


  1. I love your new layout...It's awesome. Congrats and very good choice. :) On my ScuttleButt it was only one side bar. I so love the two side bars. Much better and more room :) Wonderful greatful list...Love it :) ALoha

  2. Thanks, Thom! And I'm so glad you like the new look & my posts! I'm still tweaking the layout - want to put some navigation tabs at the top, but that may take some doing. :-)

  3. Very nice look, and I really enjoy your thankful Thursdays. As for me, the same as always: thankful that it's almost Friday.


  4. I love it, it looks great. I get the same pleasure when i something with the computer I could do on my

    Jump ropes are GOOD!!!!!! We ended up getting one of these little tramplones for my son for when he gets over 'excited'. Instead of time out, he can jump. It works sometimes being the key word here...

  5. Hi Mike! I am thankful that you like my Thursdays :-) and that it's Friday. It always seemed to me that parents dreaded the end of the school year (and maybe some do) but I can't wait until I don't have to be such a drill sergeant in the mornings! For now, I just revel in weekends!

    John: Thanks for the compliment and we also have a trampoline! Aren't they the best? Ironically, my daughter and husband use it more than Gus, but he does...sometimes. :-) Have a great Friday!

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