Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Here

Due to lots of year end activities, I haven't been able to get much posted lately, but things should settle down by the end of the week. I haven't abandoned my blog! I'm working on trying to do a podcast, but since I'm at the very beginning of the learning curve, it's taking a while. Gus has been doing well lately. His teacher reports that he's actually been much more social with his classmates at recess. His soccer season is almost done, and he'll be getting a trophy at his last game. He had field day last week which was very wet, but lots of fun. Later this week, we see the neurologist again, and we'll get the results of his EEG. So that's all that's going on. I'm hoping to get my Thursday post in this week – apologies for my missed last week.

Hope all is well with you!


  1. Sent a little luv your way on my site: http://mamabusypants.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-love-and-awards.html


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