Friday, June 12, 2009

Wendy Portillo, Again?

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Apparently, in Port St. Lucie, having a class vote an autistic child out of his kindergarten class is not an offense that bears permanent removal from the school system. That's the message that will be sent if Wendy Portillo, the teacher who committed this grievous act, is not only rehired, but given back her tenured position. Are they kidding? If he were my son, I would have wanted the woman's head on a platter, forget her job.

Kristina Chew blogs about this at, and I'd urge you to sign the petition to keep this woman from poisoning any more young minds. People with disabilities deserve the same rights as anyone else, and we can't have teachers misguiding our youth to the contrary.

P.S. I didn't forget about Thursday Thankfulness - just a little delayed. Will try to get it posted over the weekend!

*Old newspaper image by Hugo Gernsback


  1. How can anyone in their right mind give that bitch her job back. I'm so off to sign that petition. Off with her head I say :)

  2. I am off to read and sign the petition. I agree with you that people with disabilities deserve the same rights. Urks me that a teacher would even think of having a class vote out an autistic son. Off to read the article and sign the petition.


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